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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.

You are his life, his love, his leader.

He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.

You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."    - Unknown

Pawsability Suggestions for a Puppy/Doggy Day Whilst COVID Normal


For those with young puppies that are currently unable to get as much guidance as you would like due to COVID related difficulties, please read.


The most important time in a dogs life are those first few weeks in their new home; this is called the critical socialisation period, and it is only up to between 14 and 16 weeks.


This is the most informative and developmental time where we want to expose our dogs to anything they may encounter as an adult to set them up with the tools to deal with new experiences. It is important that this is done in a positive or neutral way, as what puppies learn in this period stays with them long-term.


Where this can be tricky is that the socialisation period and vaccinations coincide, and many vets recommend keeping the puppies isolated until they're fully vaccinated. We need to weigh up the risks for each, and being aware of potential health risks is important. But, we only get one chance at the socialisation period and if it's missed our dogs will not be as relaxed, confident, balanced and happy as they could've been, and keeping them isolated may result in a dog that reacts to new experiences with fear!


Avoid areas that have high dog traffic, dog parks, nature strips, under trees or anywhere a dog may toilet. The right dogs for your puppy are more beneficial than as many dogs as possible. Not all adult dogs will tolerate puppies and negative experience can stay with your puppy long term, so if they are going to meet a dog, make sure it will be a positive experience.


Safely prepare your puppy for adult life by socialising them to as much as possible. Not just dogs and people, but to ...

Traffic ... Noises ... People ... Dogs (vaccinated) ... Surfaces ... Shops

Any environment your dog may need to be in as an adult

If possible during these restricted times, perhaps head to Bunnings, grab a takeaway coffee, maybe take them for a drive or head to a train station nearby! But only if you can do so without jeopardising your, or your family's health and safety ... or copping a fine!!

Sunday Training Classes Resumed ... again - effective 21st February, 2021


Hi everybody! Here we go again, and almost at the end of the second month of 2021! Hard to believe! Following yet another resumption of our Sunday classes last weekend, it was great to welcome many familiar faces along with several new owners and their pooches joining us for an hour of fun and learning.


As mentioned here previously, although the level of restrictions are now very much what we can refer to as "COVID normal", we should continue to remain vigilant at all times, taking particular note of those basic things we are all aware of by now. Current advice for numbers participating in outdoor gatherings in itself keeps us well safe, as we operate in small groups anyway. We should continue to observe "social distancing" as a primary concern, and perhaps consider carrying a mask with you, just in case.


Class start times will remain as they were in the weeks leading up to the Christmas/New Year break, first class at 09:00am, with the second class following at 10:15am.


With the return of those training sessions on Sundays, we will attempt to keep you updated should any changes to our COVID restrictions bring about change that may affect that training. At that time we will also advise if you are required to reserve your place for training, or if you can just rock up without cause for concern. It will be great if life continues the way it is at present, with improvement on the horizon by way of a vaccine for the population.


Thank you all, and it has been great seeing you back with your puppies and dogs for some fun training sessions. Enjoy, and do keep your furry friends in line! ... Julie Pawsability

COVID-19 Updates ... February 18th and beyond

If checking our website in confirmation of any current VIC restrictions which may be affecting our services, we ask that you please follow this link to our Facebook page ...
We will attempt to maintain relevant COVID information updates as a "pinned" Facebook post if any in effect, instead of the need to make multiple changes.

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Melbourne – our training facility is conveniently located in the northern suburbs at Pascoe Vale South, just off the Tullamarine Freeway, close to the Moreland Road exit.


Melway Ref. Map 29 A2



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Hi Dog Lovers,


If you have found your way to my site, I'm sure you would be very interested to learn a little of my background, and the team at Pawsability Dog Training?


I found my way to training dogs in 2006, as I was in search of a new career. One, which I had an inkling, was about to bring much passion to the next stage of my life. I had made a pact within myself to re-invent my circumstances so the next half of my life could be meaningful, and allow me to feel the benefit of making that difference.


I completed my course for Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation) in 2006. I found this course to be totally invaluable, because it teaches all manner of training methods. What is going to work for one dog or owner, isn't necessarily going to work for others!


A successful completion to the NDTF course some months later, and I was subsequently rewarded with my Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training. Almost immediately after the course completion, I was very fortunate in securing a position with Righteous Pups Australia, coordinating and running their Puppy Kinder classes at Moonee Ponds, and on occasion in Gippsland. This consolidated my need to get the message out there with regards to the importance of dog training. As a natural progression beyond the puppy training sessions, many clients asked me about further training, and as it wasn't on the agenda as part of the Righteous Pups training program, Pawsability Dog Training  was born!


Leadership is absolutely without a doubt the most important gift you can give him/her. I've studied many philosophies about how energy works, and all our beautiful dogs need is for our energy to be clear. You need to be able to convey to them ... don't worry about the "pack", we have it covered. I'm you're leader, you can trust me, you will survive ... you can now "just be a dog", and let us as owners get onto making the rest of your life structured and peaceful.


I think there are many misconceptions about taking on the role of "leader" when we have a dog? In my vast experience of working closely on a daily basis, the change in their level of stress is remarkable when we LEAD and not treat them as furry humans?


My absolute calling is to have:


  • Every owner understand the mechanics and theory of training their own dog
  • Every dog to be responsive, happy, and a well adjusted member of their family
  • Every member of the community be glad that Pawsability Dog Training has made them safe


Michele, my senior Training Assistant, is also a fully accredited trainer. She has more recently undertaken and successfully completed the same Certificate III training course with NDTF that I did in 2006. Her passion and dedication to that course has absolutely paid dividend ... another successful graduate added to the chain of experience. Michele's passion for our canine friends by no means goes unnoticed! Michele has demonstrated outstanding abilities with those dogs she has assisted to train thus far. Her ongoing commitment to personal achievements in this challenging field are a constant reward for the Pawsability business. Michele demonstrates an uncanny knack with the majority of our canine friends, and never allows the rather obstinate nature of some breeds to leave her defeated in achieving a perfect result. Michele strives to please at all levels, and in particular with the owners of those dogs joining our training classes on Sundays at Morris Reserve, and Puppy Kinder classes held every Monday morning.


I hope to meet you all very soon.


Many thanks,

Julie I

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